Field Trips

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Offering students access to NATURE during the traditional school day!

In order to create a society that truly reveres the natural world, we must offer its citizens life-changing experiences in nature.

Joseph Cornell, author of multiple books, including “Sharing Nature with Children” is considered one of the most highly regarded nature educators in the world today

NatureTrack provides outdoor field trips for Central Coast school-aged children where curriculum is aligned with grade-appropriate state mandated standards. Direct communication with teachers ensures that each field trip supplements the in-classroom units of study.

Specially trained naturalists who enjoy sharing their knowledge and love of the outdoors with students lead NatureTrack adventures. Students learn the wonder of what is in their own “backyard” by hiking on local trails, spending time in oak woodlands, chaparral, grasslands, coastal sage scrub and other regional ecosystems.

There are no fees for the field trips and NatureTrack will reimburse a reasonable amount of your travel expenses!

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not hear from NatureTrack within 48-hours of your reservation, email: or call 805-886-2047.