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Access to nature using Freedom Trax for a “positive ride!”

Frequently Asked Questions

The Freedom Trax is an innovative manual wheelchair accessory that enhances independent outdoor accessibility for manual wheelchair users. Powered by a joystick and battery-operated, the Freedom Trax can easily traverse various terrains, including sand, hiking trails, and snow.

The Freedom Trax battery typically lasts up to 5 hours, depending on the type of terrain it is used on.

There are several ways to use the Freedom Trax and all options are provided free of charge:

  • Join NatureTrack Events: NatureTrack organizes free events at the beach and different trails, where you can participate and use the Freedom Trax. To find upcoming dates, please visit NatureTrack’s website:
  • Borrow from NatureTrack: You can contact NatureTrack to borrow a Freedom Trax. Please provide one to two weeks’ notice so they can make the necessary arrangements.
  • Guided Outing with Adventure Guide: Contact NatureTrack and request to go on an outing with the FreedomTrax, accompanied by an adventure guide.

Contact Information for NatureTrack Team Members:

Abby: 970-739-6743,
Gary: 805-550-8804,

You can borrow the FreedomT rax for up to three(3) weeks. You must complete the leasing paperwork and provide credit card information when borrowing. However, there is no charge to borrow the Trax.

To purchase a Freedom Trax, get in touch with a NatureTrack team:
NatureTracks Contact Information:
Abby: 970-739-6743,
Sue: 805-886-2047,
Gary: 805-550-8804,

The cost of a Freedom Trax is $6300 plus tax and shipping

The Freedom Trax is available for borrowing by anyone who uses a wheelchair or requires extra assistance to access outdoor spaces.

If you don’t have a manual wheelchair, NatureTrack can lend you one along with the Freedom Trax, ensuring you have everything you need for a fantastic outdoor experience.

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NatureTrack Foundation – Executive Director
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