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Lake Los Carneros (SB)

In Goleta, this often-overlooked parkland is rich in biodiversity with migratory as well as resident birds present year around. Waterfowl as well as a large variety of songbirds gather for the water and surrounding habitat. Plants vary from exotic palms to native cattails and rushes and attract wild mammals from coyote and fox to gophers, frogs and turtles.
The site of an historical ranch house, the once sizable Goleta bay reached nearly to the present-day small lake. Erosion has filled the bay and created much of the land for present-day residences. A network of trails offers many encounters with the birds and a surprisingly wide variety of plants within short walks. Contrast between the imported plants and the native plants along with the yards of nearby residences are instructive in what is wild and native and what in nature is cultivated.