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Midland School Trails (SYV)

Located in Santa Barbara County, Midland School Trails is one of the best locations for NatureTrack  “adventures.” With over 35 trails and dirt roads on  2,860 acres, NatureTrack  can offer a variety of  “adventures” for students from exceptional geology  lessons crossing a 100 – million year old fault, seeing  examples of plate tectonics, to exploring multiple  habitats, and more, including studying the Native  Indians on the site Soxtono kmu, which was the  largest Chumash Village in the Santa Ynez Valley.  Learning comes alive on the Midland School Trails!

Midland School Trails are nestled between the Los Padres National Forest, the largest national forest in the state, and adjacent to the San Rafael Wilderness Area, home of the Manzana River and its tributaries. Meadows, creeks, cliffs, canyons, and ridgelines; yucca, sycamores, oaks, sage, and poppies; coyotes, wild pigs, wild turkeys, owls, hawks, and eagles; a perfect location to connect with the natural world on one of many NatureTrack “adventures.”  The sense of place a student develops at Midland is invaluable and enduring.

Midland is not available from August 15 through September 15.

The Land Trust for Santa Barbara County