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Nojoqui Falls (SYV)

Nojoqui Falls lies on the edge between wild lands and agricultural lands, allowing students to see the effects of natural settings and those maintained for harvest and recreation at the lower park. The rolling green of lower fields allows for games introducing concepts from nature in an open setting and the trail to the falls for interpretation of the natural ecology of the area. A very slow moving landslide, shale and a fault at the falls provide geological perspective relative to the Santa Ynez Valley beginning at the lower park. Seasonal waterfalls and riparian habitat with sycamore, bay laurel and the ever – present poison oak contrast with planted areas be low and outside the park boundaries.
Agriculture is nature harnessed for food production and here we are able to point out how the wild native plants live in contrast with those domesticated as crops in a ruderal setting. Often students visit the near by farms in conjunction with our partners, SY Veggie Rescue, which we then label as FarmTrack Adventures. Students learn about organic farming and what makes it different from non-organic farming. Students learn about gleaning, then actual glean produce to be donated to a local non-profit.