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Santa Ynez River at Alisal Road (SYV)

A nearby location for Santa Ynez Valley, the Bridge outside Solvang and the pools along river above and below the dam are rich in riparian habitat. From waterfowl to songbirds, the avian population varies with the seasons. In the water are found turtles, frogs and crayfish as well as the tiny denizens of the river bottom. Riparian foliage lines the banks providing homes and habitat for mammals and birds that live here or pass through in migration. Sandy bars read like newspapers with the prints of the wildlife passing since the last high water or rain. A place to learn about the water cycle, erosion, with the movement of rocks over time and the importance of water to the community becomes evident in this easily accessible location. Cattails, willows, sycamore and cottonwoods line the watercourse where the fabric of nature is sustained on the edge of the residential area of Solvang. With the available water, the river is one of the favorite locations among Nature Track adventurers.