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[one_fourth]Denim Shirt[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [toggle title=”Denim Shirt”] Denim shirt – 100% cotton – Embroidered logo left chest; quail back yoke (men’s – 1 quail; women’s – 3 quail) Specify Men’s or Women’s Sizes: S, M, L, XL $35.00 [/toggle][/three_fourth_last] [clearboth], [margin10] [one_fourth]100 percent cotton adult tshirt[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last][toggle title=”100% Cotton T-shirt Adult”]

100% Cotton T-shirt Adult size

$15 [/toggle][/three_fourth_last] [clearboth], [margin10] [one_fourth]Back sack, Hat, Waterbottle[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last][toggle title=”Water Bottle, Backpack, and Hat”]

NatureTrack Stainless Steel Water Bottles

17 oz. Stainless Steel Color – Silver/Lime Green $15.00

NatureTrack Drawstring Backpacks

Color – Black/Lime Green Material – 210D Polyester Size – 14″W x 18″H $15.00

NatureTrack Hat

One size fits all. Specify – Khaki, Brown, Blue or Pink $15.00[/toggle][/three_fourth_last] [clearboth], [margin10] [one_fourth]Last Child in the Woods - Richard Louv[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [toggle title=”Last Child in the Woods – Richard Louv”] In this influential work about the staggering divide between children and the outdoors, child advocacy expert Richard Louv directly links the lack of nature in the lives of today’s wired generation—he calls it nature-deficit—to some of the most disturbing childhood trends, such as the rises in obesity, attention disorders, and depression. Last Child in the Woods is the first book to bring together a new and growing body of research indicating that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health of children and adults. More than just raising an alarm, Louv offers practical solutions and simple ways to heal the broken bond—and many are right in our own backyard. Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder has spurred a national dialogue among educators, health professionals, parents, developers and conservationists. This is a book that will change the way you think about your future and the future of your children. $20.00[/toggle][/three_fourth_last] [clearboth], [margin10] [one_fourth]Sharing Nature with Children[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [toggle title=”Sharing Nature with Children – Joseph Cornell”]

Sharing Nature with Children I – Joseph Cornell

Not just a book, but a powerful approach to nature education. The first edition of this book sparked a worldwide revolution in nature education, and became a classic. Newly revised and expanded for its 20th anniversary, it now has 50 fascinating games for children of all ages. $20.00[/toggle][/three_fourth_last] [clearboth], [margin10] [one_fourth]Sharing Nature - Nature Awareness for All Ages[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [toggle title=”Sharing Nature – Nature Awareness for All Ages – Joseph Cornell”]

Sharing Nature – Nature Awareness Activities for All Ages – Joseph Cornell, 2015

Sharing Nature with Children sparked a worldwide revolution that connected millions of parents, educators, and children with nature. This classic has now been combined with Sharing the Joy of Nature to make a treasury of Joseph Cornell’s best-loved nature games. $20.00[/toggle][/three_fourth_last] [clearboth], [margin10] [one_fourth]The Adventures of Frieda and her Friends[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [toggle title=”The Adventures of Frieda and her Friends – Dennis L. Nord”]Dennis L. Nord writes to motivate kids to go outdoors for adventure like his characters. Living near Santa Barbara, California, he takes children and adults hiking on adventures to enjoy rocks, bugs, plants and animals. After a lifetime of rambling through the woods and deserts, he is sharing in this book, the out-of-doors as a balance to video games, Internet and TV. ABOUT THE BOOK Dennis took Frieda to Turkey to give to his friend’s daughter. After reading, his friend asked if he might publish the book, as there were few new books available for children in Turkey. He wanted to put this in their hands. After their bi-cultural, bi-lingual effort across two continents, the book is complete with wonderful illustrations! Join Fireda, Black Belly Frog, Bib Bull, Argyle, Sneaky Snake, and more on their adventures! The bed time stories of Frieda and BlackBelly Frog by Dennis Nord now leap from the their black-on-white print to the vibrant, color pictures their world enjoys today. This collection of adventures takes frog-kids into the wild places and reflects on their world of ponds, mountains, snakes and bugs, especially bugs! Whether it’s sailing a pond using a leaf for the sail or escaping Sneaky Snake, the action is exciting. Frieda finds narrow escape from the hands of a human only to return to the wrath of her matron. A fairytale world has come to life in the stunning illustrations of Mesut Gürkan. These stories are for sharing with children and will engage their sense of wonder and adventure regarding nature. MORE ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dennis Nord has dozens of published popular articles in newspapers, newsletters and a dozen professional journal articles. He is the author of three books and invited author of chapters for four others’ books. This book of children’s stories is In Print in Turkey simultaneously published in Turkish and English. He is a naturalist who resides on the mountain above Santa Barbara, CA. All author profits from this book go to Nature Track Foundation for educational field trips for children. $20.00[/toggle][/three_fourth_last] [clearboth], [margin10] [one_fourth]John Muir My Life with Nature[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [toggle title=”John Muir: My Life With Nature – Joseph Cornell”] “No one brought nature to life like John Muir. His great love for all living things gave him a rare understanding of the natural world. Birds, bears and flowers all revealed their secret lives to him. When Muir spoke of his encounters with wild animals, trees, and mountain storms, his listeners said it felt as if they were there, experiencing the adventure with him. Muir also excelled at sharing nature through his writings. They are deeply beautiful—filled with wonder and joy for nature. It has been said that Muir was the only person who could turn a government report into poetry! To stay true to the spirit of John Muir, I have told his story as if he were alive, telling the tale himself, using his own words and colorful expressions as often as possible. I have, however, simplified and condensed his words to make them more accessible to young readers. I have also linked the events of this story to keep a smooth, narrative flow, writing as I hope Muir would have written. It is, after all, his story. An immigrant from Scotland, Muir today is remembered as the father of America’s national parks. Born in 1838, Muir is considered by many to be the most influential conservationist of modern times. His love of nature continues to inspire people everywhere to take up the cause of preservation.” –Joseph Cornell $10.00[/toggle][/three_fourth_last] [clearboth], [margin10] [one_fourth]The Errand and Stinkbugs and Grasshoppers Green[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [toggle title=”The Errand and Stinkbugs and Grasshopper Green – Carolyn Binkley”] In The Errand and Stinkbugs and Grasshoppers Green, author Carolyn Binkley tells a rhyming story about a curious, yet clumsy young girl who runs an errand for her mom. Set in rural surroundings, she is sent to a neighbor’s house and encounters a family of stinkbugs, a bumblebee, a katydid, a grasshopper and a swarm of honeybees along the way. At the end of the story, she realizes how grownups, distracted by responsibilities, often seem not to notice the presence of these amazing creatures. This simple children’s story takes readers on a journey with a distractible young girl whose curiosity and fascination with insects leads her to discover their charming, alluring, and appealing characteristics. Filled with colorful illustrations and whimsical rhyme, The Errand and Stinkbugs and Grasshoppers Green is an adventure story that will allow readers to see these small creatures through the eyes of a child. The book includes some interesting insect facts, allowing readers to become aware of the importance of insects in the entire ecosystem. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Carolyn Binkley lives in the coastal town of Santa Barbara, California with her husband, two rescued dogs, one mischievous cat, and six happy hens. Carolyn recalls, “As a child, most of my days were filled with outdoor adventures, exploring gardens, fields, trees, rocks, and any nook-and-cranny that might be a good place to find a creature. I saved as many impaired or trouble insects as I could and studied their habits at a respectful distance, most of the time. I learned the hard way (after about four consecutive attempts to grab hold of a honeybee) that, unlike my cousin Russell, I was not able to recognize which bees did not have stingers. I loved the study of insects and invertebrates in college. And despite my unwarranted fear of spiders the first thirty years of my life, I grew more and more curious, and eventually almost fearless, of these fascinating, diverse and talented eight-legged-trapeze-artists. When my children were born, critter boxes and critter books could be found in nearly every room. Their curiosity and love for creatures brought me back to my childhood days. I remembered favorite stories and poems about insects, caterpillars, spiders, toads and so many other animals. I recalled pictures I had drawn and stories and poems I had written about various creatures I encountered. This story is about me, about my children, and hopefully about the child in all of us. The insect facts came from reading, observing, studying and consulting with entomologist Dr. Michael Caterino.” $15.00[/toggle][/three_fourth_last] [clearboth], [margin10]